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Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked Questions have been prepared to help you make better and maximum utulisation of this website/app in accessing content to power your self rediscovery, empowerment and optimisation. In case you dont find the answers to your question, email us

What is Ultimate Masters all about?

The Ultimate Masters is a platform and a movement where we explore how you as a willing individual can rediscover The Master in You, the God in you and live life more meaningfully, in charge and to the fullest.

This platform is inspired by the need to help as many human beings align themselves with your divine purpose in this life, to know who you truly are, the power you have as given by God and to manifest that power for better life for yourself and others.

The essence of The Ultimate Masters compilations is to communicate the omnipresence, omnipotence and all-goodness of God.

It is based on the understanding that The Kingdom or realm of God is with us now and always”.

Every human being can achieve “abounding health, sufficiency of supply, achievement, accomplishment and joy they desire and deserve if one comes into “harmony with Cosmic Law” also known as the laws of the universe and of life.

You need to change your life through right thought and faith, unwavering faith in God, in order to find and master a living consciousness of God in yourself at all times.

Is Ultimate Masters a religion?

No. We welcome people of any religion so long you  are willing to have a deeper connection with God and to rediscover and nourish the God inside you.

How do I join Ultimate Masters?

You can register here or watch our Ultimate Masters YouTube Channel, Ultimate Masterz on Tiktok or Facebook or twitter to get messages that help you re-align with your divine purpose.

Why should I be part of you?

It is important to know that we can find ourselves in four states about the laws of nature and of life (God):

  • Unawareness of the Law (innocence).
  • Transgression of the Law (ignorance).
  • Awareness of the Law (wisdom).
  • Conscious transcendence (Mastery).

Our hope is that you can get to the level of Mastery so as to live a more fulfilling life on this planet and in the next phase of the fully spirit being.

What does it take to become one of you?

You can read the materials on the website free and follow our messages on social media platforms or register and sign up or courses

Is their routine fellowship for Ultimate Masters?

You can access our materials and support anytime. Any scheduled events, talks, sharing and fellowship are on the events page.

Can I get individual guidance and counselling?

Yes so long as you have signed up for any of the courses you can ask questions to us as an individual or in the groups for other masters or master seekers to answer. You can also request personal guidance and counselling by emailing info[@]  or whatsaap +256771344614.

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