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God Powered Affirmations and Prayers

The divinity to influence and create anything is already pre-existing for you if you are aware of your direct connection with God the Creator. You have to use your thoughts, heart and words to imagine and call into being things and situations you would like to be a reality in your life.

IAM Higher Spiritual Powers

This course is aimed for those who are mature enough to explore the higher spiritual realism of self-conquest and influencing others through access and direction of energy, frequency and vibrations of self and others.

Becoming Ultimate Masters

You must overcome the limitations of the human mind and enter into your power through imagination, thoughts, actions and deeds based on love. We show you that success is the achievement of something worthwhile, that shall make the world better and richer, and add something to the common good.

The Power of the Mind and Positive Thought

As a being of Power, Intelligence, and Love, and the Lord of his own thoughts, a person holds the key to every situation, and contains within oneself that transforming and regenerative agency by which one may make oneself what one wills.

Achieving and Retaining Abundance and satisfaction

This course is aimed at helping us see how we can attain anything we want in life though asking God for it with faith, belief and trust, but more importantly to seek abundance of God in our life than earthly possessions as the true foundation of success.

The 3rd Plane: Mastering Your Spiritual Self

The course shows you the much-needed self-discipline that that will make it possible for you to raise your consciousness to this higher realm and understand life from the standpoint of the Universal Mind- the Mind of God- where there are no limitations.

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