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Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan

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This book describes a systematic process to open the third eye. It has been written for those who cannot be satisfied with only an intellectual understanding of spiritual realities and who  wish  to gain access to direct experience.

The development of  spiritual  vision  requires  the  patient  building of some new ‘organs’ of energy, of  which  the  third  eye  is  an essential member. These new structures are not physical, nevertheless they are very real  and  tangible.  Once  fully  developed, the perceptions coming  through  them  appear  clearer,  sharper  and far more  substantial  than  those  coming  from  the  physical  senses. A number of techniques will be described which aim at a methodical cultivation of this new form of perception.

Our approach always emphasizes the superiority of experience over mental concepts, of first-hand knowledge over  belief.  Truly,  it  is not what you presume or accept as true that will bring  about  a spiritual regeneration but what  you  experience  directly.  Therefore, the reader is not asked to  believe  what  is  written  here  but  to practise the exercises.

No former spiritual training or background is expected before starting the practices. I  suggest  that  you  temporarily  forget  all you know so that you can engage in the techniques with fresh awareness. Having shared this knowledge with hundreds of students in the courses run by the Clairvision School in Sydney, I know that it is not always those  who  have  meditated  for  years who enter the field of perception most easily. To some, spiritual knowledge gives wings and provides keys to open all the doors; but to others it is more like chains preventing them from absorbing anything new. The more you are able to drop any preconceived ideas, the easier it will be to ‘see’.

It should be clearly understood that our aim is not to develop the blurry atavistic clairvoyance of trance-medium psychics but to step towards the vision of the Self. Even though several extra- sensory perceptions will arise as you practise the techniques, the purpose is clearly to find the Self and to learn to see the world from the Self instead of seeing it from your usual mental consciousness.

This book should be taken as an introduction, a  first  thread, towards a completely  different  mode  of  perception  and  thinking. It has been written to serve the vast number of human beings who are presently ready to connect with spiritual realities and to step into a new form of consciousness. The techniques it offers are designed for people who are part of the world. They do not invite you to withdraw from your daily activities but to start performing them with a different awareness and a new vision, thereby implementing the line of Proverbs 3:6: “In all your ways know Him”, said by the Talmud to  contain  the  entire  essence  of the Torah.

After saying these words it may be important to state that the Clairvision School is not a ‘New Age’ organisation. Its methods and techniques are based on quite different principles from  those usually found in the New Age movement. In particular at no time do the Clairvision techniques use any channelling, creative imagination or positive affirmations. No hypnosis or autosuggestion is used either. The techniques of the Clairvision School are based on a direct awakening of the body of energy, and the philosophy and background of the school are to be found in the western tradition of esoteric knowledge. If you happen to experience intense openings and realisations while putting our techniques into practice, it is quite possible that you too have a connection with this tradition. In particular it  is  expected  that many will have clear awakenings in  the  third  eye  while  reading the book.

Awakening the Third Eye is one of the introductory books to the Clairvision Corpus, the body of knowledge which is the background of the Clairvision School. The Clairvision Corpus contains both experiential and theoretical knowledge in the field of consciousness and the mysteries of human nature, with a special focus on transformation and inner alchemy. Alchemy can be defined as the  art  of  raising  the  level  of  vibration  of  matter. Inner alchemy therefore refers to a form of spiritual development in which the ultimate purpose is not to abandon any connection

with the manifested creation and dissolve oneself, but to build up a vehicle in which the fullness of the Self can be experienced permanently, even while living in the physical world. This body of immortality corresponds to what the Christian tradition has called the glorious body and to the paramam vapuḥ of the Upanishads. It is similar in many ways, if not identical, to the lapis philosophorum or philosophers’ stone of the alchemists, and to the Grail, heart of the western esoteric tradition.

Awakening the Third Eye lays the foundations for an experiential approach  to  a  work  of  inner  alchemy.  Many  of  the   techniques given in the beginning are not to  be  regarded  as  ‘alchemical’  in  a strict  sense,  but  as  a  necessary  preparation  without  which   the more advanced phases of the work  would  not  make  any  sense. Rather than first developing theoretical aspects at length, indications will gradually be given throughout this book and the following ones to clarify the purposes and principles  of  a  work  of inner alchemy. The nature of our topic will also provide ample opportunities to develop various aspects related to subtle bodies.

Download “Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan”

Awakening-the-Third-Eye-pdf.pdf – Downloaded 0 times – 1.46 MB

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