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The laws of the universe and life: understanding the purpose of human existence

Before embarking on improving your life to live it the best way possible, you ought to graduate to a new way of looking at life, a new paradigm; one that lets you be happier and understand human beings. This is by knowing and observing the laws of the Universe and of life. You don’t have to agree with all the laws, or to believe anything, because we are not talking about beliefs. All you have to do is to see how your own life changes after applying this information, to see if it works for you.

If the results inside you are happiness, peace and harmony, you’ll find this information to be true; and if the external results, in terms of relationships, health, resources and how you adapt to your environment improve, you’ll verify that that this information is wisdom.

The purpose of human experience is to evolve, develop our own consciousness and so be filled with wisdom and love. Each and every one of us has come to this world to work on our spiritual development, sharing and participating in experiences with other human beings. Life is actually a process in which the Universe teaches us; planet Earth is a “spiritual school” and each life experience is like one academic year.

Spiritual development is an internal, and so absolutely individual and personal task. Nobody can do it for anyone else, yet nor can we do it “without another”; in other words, we need to interact and share experiences with other people in order to achieve our own development —to know ourselves—. Sometimes, instead of getting on with our own development, we try to interfere with other people’s, and instead of learning from them we try to change them. All this does is to distort the learning, or attempt to distort it, and this complicates life itself.

Only if we understand this can we be efficient by asking ourselves what life wants to teach us in each situation, because each is part of a learning process. In short, we have to learn to turn ignorance into wisdom.

When we notice that suffering is disappearing, that our inner peace is becoming invulnerable and that our own capacity to create, love and serve is expressed without any condition or restriction, it means that we have achieved wisdom.

In order to lay the foundations for a new civilization that will bring a greater level of satisfaction for everyone, we must start by harmonizing ourselves. To do this it is essential to study the Universal Laws and apply the principles that lead to wisdom. We should bear in mind that only by sustained practice and discarding theories and ideas that prove to be mistaken can we really achieve wisdom. This

way we can develop peace and harmony directly on the ground, with the teaching of daily life, because life is the best school and nature the best teacher.

All we need to achieve efficiency is to stop arguing with the perfect order of the Universe; mental inefficiency is necessary in order to discover, through saturation, that the Laws of the Universe exist. When we reach the point where we have suffered enough, we are ready to understand the Laws. Internal opposition must stop before external opposition can, and for this to happen we have to have accepted that everything that exists and everything that happens is perfect and necessary, because its purpose is one of Love.

Studying and understanding why things exist and why they happen can lead us to recognize the Laws, which in turn make it possible to create a better future for Mankind.

There are seven Laws that govern all of the Universe’s processes of creation, administration and evolution. Of the seven, four are fundamental, for they control the development and evolution of the consciousness of the human species anywhere in the Universe.

We will be within the Law when we love, enjoy and value what we have.

Everything within the Law functions well and flows on its own.

Anything that brings suffering, anguish, pain and illness, happens because we are going against the Laws, and that is how we are going to recognize them. The results we obtain when we go outside the Laws enable us to recognize their existence. We have to make mistakes to be able to discover the Law. Mistakes are not the problem; the problem is not learning from them.

The Law is designed so that we ourselves make a change, not so that we try and change others.

It is important to know that we can find ourselves in four states:

  • Unawareness of the Law (innocence).
  • Transgression of the Law (ignorance).
  • Awareness of the Law (wisdom).
  • Conscious transcendence (Mastery).

Our hope is that you can get to the level of Mastery so as to live a more fulfilling life on this planet and in the next phase of the fully spirit being.

In this course on Laws of the Universe and Laws of Life, we delve into each of the laws. We show you how to observe the laws and impact of not observing the laws.

October 3, 2022

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