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Becoming Ultimate Masters

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Welcome to Becoming Ultimate Masters where we explore how you can rediscover The Master in You, the God in you and live life more meaningfully, in charge and to the fullest. When you master the knowledge and understanding of the Truth, which is your oneness with God, you are ready to live a life powered by God Almighty, full of abundance and blessing.

This compilation is inspired by the need to help as many human beings align themselves with their purpose in this life, to know who you truly are, the power and assignment you have as given by God and to manifest that power for a better life for yourself and others.

The essence of Becoming Ultimate Masters is to awaken as many people by communicating the omnipresence, omnipotence and all-goodness of God. It is based on the understanding that “The Kingdom or realm of God is with us now and always”. Every human being can achieve “abounding health, sufficiency of supply, achievement, accomplishment and joy they desire and deserve if one comes into “harmony with Cosmic Law”, the laws of the universe and laws of life based on God’s purpose for you.

Whatever your religion or beliefs, this publication is aimed at helping you on your path of conscious creation, the path of self-awareness and awakening, and the path of self-realization. The content I share here has been explicitly or implicitly stated in the Bible, Qur’an, Tipitaka (Buddhism), Tao Te Ching, Kybalion, Tanakh (Judaism), and other spiritual or religious publications, as well as by many sages and spiritual thought leaders over the centuries.

The publication emphasizes the need to change your life through right thought and faith, unwavering faith in God, in order to find and master a living consciousness of God in yourself at all times. The key is in living, thinking and acting as someone who knows God lives inside of you, and that God is always at your beacon if you have total faith in Him, as spoken of in the Bible: Psalm 82: 6. John 14:12-13, Mathew 7:7; in the Quran Surah ar-Ra`d, Ch.13: V.31, Surah ar-Ra`d, Ch.13: V.31, Surah ash-Shura, Ch.42: V.11, among other verses.

My hope is that you can get to the level of becoming a Master (of life) so as to live a more fulfilling life on this planet and in the next phase of the fully spirit being. Ultimate Mastery here is used to mean the constructively qualified energy and eternal control of all energy and all substance or the attention to the highest consciousness and being. Stay Blessed.



Becoming Ultimate Masters Book Publication

Topics you will master include

  1. Understanding the origin of humans and our purpose on earth (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, African and Taoist perspectives)
  2. Knowing and understanding the truth about who you are
  3. Knowing and serving your seed
  4. Your infinite power
  5. Creating your own reality
  6. Mastering your oneness with God
  7. The need to be God’s witness
  8. Achieving the divine connection
  9. The great I AM power
  10. You and all as energy
  11. Harnessing energy and brain wave states
  12. How to observe and apply the laws of the universe and the laws of life
  13. The cosmic law: guidance from the angels and spiritual hierarchy
  14. Rules and principles to help you observe cosmic law
  15. Mastering happiness, peace and love
  16. The laws of Karma and how to use them to improve your life
  17. Unleashing your full potential: The keys to successful life
  18. Abundance and prosperity mindset
  19. The power of thoughts and feelings
  20. Gaining self control and self correction
  21. Understanding the mirror principle
  22. Mastering manifestation and miracles
  23. Mastering a connection with God
  24. Discerning from all possible futures
  25. Key manifestation exercises
  26. Mastering work and surrender
  27. Mastering the love energy
  28. Fourth dimensional thinking and identity shifting
  29. Achieving super alignment with God and the universe
  30. Growing your awareness and consciousness
  31. Conquering your body and subconscious mind
  32. Reaping from the observer effect and harnessing conscious awareness
  33. Growing a prosperity consciousness
  34. The power of intention
  35. Mastering Attention
    Tapping into meditation
  36. Spiritual awakening and activating the third eye
  37. Importance of faith and surrendering to the flow
  38. Stop reacting and be calm
  39. Raising your consciousness, awakening and self realization
  40. Artificial intelligence, advanced technologies and you
  41. Gaining the Christ consciousness
  42. Achieving an illuminated mind
  43. Becoming one with all


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