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God powered affirmations and prayers

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In our key work of Becoming Ultimate Masters, we explore in detail on every human being’s oneness with God, the power you have within you and the fact that you have to call this power into action all the time if you want to decide the kind of reality you wish to experience. Remember the power of words, both spoken loudly or silently has to be applied for creation to happen.

The divinity to influence and create anything is already pre-existing for you if you are aware of your direct connection with God the Creator. You have to use your thoughts, heart and words to imagine and call into being things and situations you would like to be a reality in your life. This compilation of affirmations is aimed at making easy your practice of knowing, envisioning and claiming your heritage from God and the universe. For real success, you must however work within the laws of the universe which are explored in detail in Becoming Ultimate Masters and take step by step faith filled actions.



This complication is thus helpful for you as an individual claiming your rights to the life you desire and want to see for yourself but also for family members, communities and nations. It is also for spiritual leaders irrespective of religious affiliation, who wish to have  a quick guide for their members to affirm and attain Godly power to co-create their individual lives, and to pray for those in need so they witness the goodness of God through improved circumstances towards the desirable.

These affirmations are picked from several sources including the religious holy books (some are repeated across different faith) as well as several writers and masters. Much appreciation to these individuals and groups. As we know all is God in expression, I send love to everyone and wish we can all continue to be on the journey to true manifestation of God though our life at all times.


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