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Access great content on the IAM higher spiritual power manifestations to enable you express power over yourself and others and get anything you desire in life; as well as proper meditation, the third eye, hypnosis and healing

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Some enlightened people (whose consciousness recognizes that body and spirt are the same and that everything in the world is interconnected through source energy) might want to go a north higher to be influence to influence the inner power and condition of themselves and others. This course is aimed for those who are mature enough to explore the higher spiritual realism of self-conquest and influencing others through access and direction of energy, frequency and vibrations of self and others.

In the exercises shared in this course on meditation, the third eye, tapping higher spiritual dimensions, hypnosis, healing for self and others, the course shows you how to get your consciousness expanding into more subtle realms to impact what you want in self and others. BUT be warned such powers are only be good and everlasting if utilized for the good of others or promoting common good of other human beings on earth, or indeed creatures in the universe.



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