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The Cosmic Energiser by Joseph Murphy

Putting the Cosmic Energizer to Work for a Miraculous New Life

Download “The Cosmic Energiser by Joseph Murphy”

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There is a mystical power within you, which I call the Cosmic Energizer that can completely transform your life spiritually, mentally, financially and socially and set you on the high road to happiness, freedom and peace of mind. This power lies dormant within you, and when you learn about it and begin to use this mystical power, you can solve your problems, find your true place in life and begin to live the life more abundant.

I have seen men and women lifted up from the midst of frustration, sickness, poverty and despair through the application of the Cosmic Energizer within themselves and made sound, well, prosperous, and full of vitality, energy and enthusiasm. They entered into a life of almost boundless power.

You are connected with this Infinite Power, which can teach you all things. All that is necessary is that you have an open and receptive mind. I have known businessmen, housewives, taxi drivers, short order cooks, men and women from all walks of life, to be inspired into new thoughts and ideas which made them large fortunes, resulting in promotion and far greater opportunities to release their hidden talents.

As you read the various chapters in this book and apply the simple techniques outlined herein, you will attract the right friends, the right partner in life, the ideal associates in your business or professional field, and kindred spirits who harmonize with you and who are interested in the same ideas, plans and purposes.

This Cosmic Energizer can furnish you with all the wealth you need, provide you with the ideal house, and the prosperity enabling you to be, to do, to have and to go wherever you want according to your heart’s desire.

This Cosmic Energizer is already well known to millions of people throughout the world and has been known to certain illumined people for thousands of years. This Power is the presence of God in man. To be aware of this Power and to utilize It in your life is your divine birthright. In this book you will learn to let this Divine Power flow through your mind, body, business and all other phases of your life so that you need no longer live a life of limitation, lack and difficulties, but will rise up like an eagle with the wings of thought, feeling, imagination and faith to the realm of unlimited resources, dominion and joy.

As you read this book you will realize more and more that this mystic, wonder-working Power is within your own mind, and you can begin to use it immediately, as it is responsive to your thought. This Power is stronger than a laser beam, hydrogen, atomic or nuclear missiles, and more potent than all the energies and explosives in the whole world.

It is the Power of the Infinite, or God, unlimited and inexhaustible. When you have read a few chapters of this book you will recognize how men and women have made conscious contact with this Power and set it operating in their businesses, home lives, and financial affairs. All the wonderful results they achieved can be yours also.

I urge you to study this book and to apply the methods of scientific prayer elaborated on herein. As you do, I feel absolutely convinced that you will make use of this miracle-working Power that will banish confusion, misery, lack, melancholy, and failure; it will sever you from emotional and physical bondage and place you on the royal road to the fulfillment of your fondest dreams.

The instructions given are in ordinary, everyday language, the same as you find in your daily papers, periodicals and current magazines. The unique feature of this book is its down-to-earth practicality. Here you are presented with simple mental and spiritual formulas which you can apply in your workaday world.

Download “The Cosmic Energiser by Joseph Murphy”

cosmic-energizer-joseph-murphy.pdf – Downloaded 206 times – 927.18 KB

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